How Have Tractors Improved the Agricultural Industry?

How Have Tractors Improved the Agricultural Industry?

Tractors have been revolutionary to the agricultural industry. With many tractors models having come and gone, we have been able to see significant improvements to the industry as a whole. Here are some of the benefits that tractors have provided:

Less Animal Workload and More Room for Crops: Mules, horses and other farm animals normally have to be fed and cared for all year, which can be extremely difficult and extra work for farmers. Similarly, for these animals, it’s necessary to set aside about six acres of land per animal every year to harvest enough feed to sustain the animal. Without the need for harvesting feed from this additional land, it can be used for growing crops.

Increased Revenues: Utilizing a tractor that consumes fuel - farmers can save money and increase overall revenues due to the fact that it costs much more to continually take care of animals.

Efficiency: While tractors themselves have provided increased efficiency for speed and consistency, technology such as crop yield monitors and GPS field navigation have also helped by allowing farmers to map their crop yields and soil quality across every single inch of their farm. Ultimately, these GPS devices can help significantly with crop management.

Reduced Manpower: Fewer hours in the field and reduced lengthy work days helps to cut down on fatigue, allowing for more work to be done overall and the ability to meet any deadlines.

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