John Deere Row Crop Equipment Driving Business at Wright Implement in Kentucky

On the Road with Machinery Pete and Wright Implement in Kentucky

In this episode, On the Road with Machinery Pete takes us to Wright Implement in Owensboro, KY. Despite initial concerns over potential yields due to wet conditions this past spring, Ronnie Beyke of Beyke Farms in Whitesville, KY has seen record numbers so far this season. Positive trends such as better than average yields have impacted the way that farmers in this area manage their fields, from crop choice to the use of equipment and technology. According to Beyke, the progression of technology in farming is an important part of the business and it will be up to younger generations to see this change through.

As area farmers see changes in year-over-year trends, equipment dealerships like Wright Implement are taking note and learning what stands out.

Continued Success with Row Crop Equipment

Since 1936, Wright Implement in Owensboro has worked with the cycles of farming which includes the uptick in business during the harvest season each year. Although combines are a prevalent site across fields, this particular John Deere dealership has found it difficult to sell these pieces of equipment, especially older models. Machinery Pete notes interesting trends within this specific market, with 1-to-2-year-old machines showing the most strength at auctions. Regardless of this backlog, row crop equipment as a whole continues to be top sellers from year to year.

This key driver of business showcases a strong sense of inevitability, yet this seems to be where the consistency ends in terms of sales. One change from recent years includes a rush on sprayers and planters this past spring despite some difficulty in selling these pieces of equipment in the past; other pieces of harvest equipment that have grown in popularity this year include headers and grain carts. Within the past five years, Wright Implement has also seen growing interest in small ag due to more people purchasing land that requires a certain level of maintenance that they may not be accustomed to.

A major change across Kentucky has been some farmers looking to lease equipment in order to help overall costs while purchasing new equipment. It’s developments such as these that showcase the importance of innovation and willingness to adapt to varying conditions from year to year in order to remain successful.

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