Forage Equipment at Western Equipment in New Mexico

On the Road with Machinery Pete and Western Equipment in New Mexico

In this episode, Machinery Pete takes us to Western Equipment in New Mexico. Despite ample rainfall last year, farmers like Justin Hardin are finding it hard to produce feed for livestock - something this area is widely known for. A reduction in yields has seen farmers using carryover from last year in order to make up for what has been lost by the lack of rain in 2018, but this is proving to not be enough. Hardin points out that while he saw an average of 10 tons of wheat last year, he is only seeing an average of 6-7 tons this year, affecting carryover to next year.

At Western Equipment, the prominence of dairy and feed yard business within the area is showcased in the equipment that is considered most popular. With many farmers putting thousands of hours behind their machines each year, many choose newer model equipment when it comes time to upgrade.

Area Farmers Favoring New Forage Harvesters

When providing feed for livestock within the area, it is vital that farmers are working with equipment that is reliable, which is why many say they are looking for newer forage harvesters. The number of hours put behind older models is steering many buyers away, something which is proving to be a challenge for dealers like those at Western Equipment. Despite this, Machinery Pete notes that this lack of interest by many could actually present positive opportunities for those who are interested in working with used equipment.

While harvesting equipment is proving to be a tough sell lately, the market for smaller equipment is strong, along with row crop tractors, which are consistently taking the top spot at Western Equipment. One specific area which has struggled at this dealership is the combine market, despite strong trends showcased by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers; according to Machinery Pete, these positive trends are expected to continue. As area farmers like Justin Hardin work to overcome obstacles associated with a lack of rain, quality equipment is a necessity when ensuring livestock are fed and business can continue on as usual.

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