Demand for John Deere Combines at Nobbe & Co.

On the Road with Machinery Pete and Nobbe & Co. in Illinois

Machinery Pete takes us to Waterloo, Illinois to talk with Nobbe & Co., a family owned farm equipment business since 1907. Due to a lack of rainfall across much of Illinois earlier this year, many farmers weren’t expecting to produce a bountiful crop as a result. However, farmers found that they produced a better crop than previously thought, and according to Nobbe & Co., this is a factor that’s making them think ahead to harvesting in 2018 and the equipment they’ll need.

John Deere Combines in Demand

Nobbe & Co. had a goal to sell 16 John Deere Combines this year and at the time the video was produced, they had sold 12, which they’re pleased with. Nonetheless, combines at auction that are in particularly good condition often spark intense bidding wars between hopeful buyers. In recent years, combines have also been holding their value and remain a good investment.

The online interest in larger agricultural equipment is proving positive as well. Looking at the search data for combines, Machinery Pete says the search volume is up 30-40% compared to this time last year as well.

Nobbe & Co.’s CPA said that he’s expecting a strong finish to 2017 and that December will be the time to buy a combine. With expectations high for 2018, the combine demand is expected to continue.

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