New Farm Equipment Reigning Supreme at Martin Sullivan in Illinois

On the Road with Machinery Pete and Martin Sullivan in Illinois

In this episode, On the Road with Machinery Pete takes us to Martin Sullivan in Roanoke, Illinois. In terms of weather this past season, Chad Klendworth of Klendworth Farms in Rutland, IL points out the benefits that have come from rainfall patterns. Klendworth and his yields have missed most of the rain that has passed through the area recently, allowing for an uninterrupted harvest season. In addition, despite seeing lower yields this year than in the past, Klendworth is still enjoying this year’s numbers, especially considering the lack of rain.

As farmers begin to finalize their work in the field this harvest season, trading out older equipment for new models is an important piece of preparing not just for next year, but for years to come. For dealers like Martin Sullivan, this has presented some unexpected sales trends that have left many wondering what will happen next.

Changes Within New and Used Equipment Markets

Like most dealers across the country, Martin Sullivan in Roanoke has seen powerful combine sales in 2018, something which usually picks up close to harvest due to producers’ desire for new technology. In fact, according to Machinery Pete, 2018 has been considered the year of the used combine, with many experiencing stronger than expected sales. At Martin Sullivan, this rise in sales has mainly resonated with newer equipment, something which was highly unexpected. Ben Rogers, CEO of Martin Sullivan, notes lower-than-normal used sales this past harvest season as compared to past years, something he attributes to a predominantly smooth harvest.

Despite this boost in new equipment sales at Martin Sullivan, 2018 has also been a good year for equipment with a little age on it - usually 1-3 years old with warranty. This equipment is continuing to hold its value across the market and sell so long as it is in good condition. In terms of the next few years, opinions about the market seem to differ, with farmers hoping to see positive growth while dealerships expect it to stay stagnant. No matter where the market lies, though, the top concern for many centers on enjoying a fruitful harvest that will lay the groundwork for seasons to come.

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