What Machines Can Be Used for Timber Harvest?

Steps & Machines for a Successful Timber Harvest

While there are a few different ways to harvest timber, there are relatively clear steps that harvesters take in order to properly and safely cut down trees.

Let’s take a look at these steps, as well as the machines you can use along the way.

  • Use a Feller Buncher: The first step is to use a feller buncher, which is a motorized vehicle that can rapidly cut and gather several trees before felling them.
  • The First Cut: When making the initial cut on a tree, you will want to be cognizant that the first cut will set the angle of the fall.
  • Cutting Down the Trees: After the initial cut on each tree, you will then want to make additional cuts, so that the trees can actually fall. Typically, workers will make four additional cuts. These four cuts will help to give the tree an adequate hinge of wood which reduces the amount of kickback from the tree while also providing you better control over where the tree falls.
  • Skidding: After limbs are removed from the tree, next comes skidding. This is when the logs are moved from the actual forest onto a landing area.
  • Loading the Logs: Once the actual harvesting process is over, logs are loaded onto trucks. A forwarder can help to ease this process.

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