What is a Log Skidder?

What is a Log Skidder?

An log skidder is a piece of forestry equipment that is used to pull cut trees out of a forest in a process called "skidding". Log skidders come in a variety of sizes and models, and are an essential piece of equipment for forestry management.

What are Log Skidders Used For?

Log skidders are primarily used in forestry operations to help manage, clear, and remove cut trees from a forest. In addition, they can be used to load logs onto trucks for transport, clear areas of debris, move cut trees from a harvesting area, or remove trees that have fallen due to storms or wildfires.

How Much Does a Log Skidder Weigh?

The weight of a log skidder is dependent on the size and model but can vary from 35,000 lbs for a smaller model to 55,000 lbs for a larger model.

What are the Different Types of John Deere Log Skidders?

Currently, John Deere features 3 different categories of log skidders, including: