When Was the First John Deere Tractor Built?

What Was the First John Deere Tractor?

Today, John Deere is globally known for its quality equipment, specifically its green tractors. It may come as a surprise to some, then, that while John Deere entered the agricultural industry in 1837 with the invention of the steel plow, it was not until 1918 that the company officially entered the tractor business.

Upon purchasing the Waterloo Gas Company, John Deere got to work immediately. The first tractor developed through this acquisition was the John Deere Waterloo Boy N, which was produced from 1917 - 1924. Once the Nebraska Tractor Tests were introduced as a way to ensure quality and set standards within the already overcrowded market, this tractor model was featured in the first run.

The Waterloo Boy laid the groundwork for all John Deere tractor models to follow. By gaining feedback directly from customers, the company was able to produce a machine that was durable, reliable, and economical. This eventually led to the development of the John Deere Model A, the company’s first true row-crop tractor with an adjustable wheel tread, in 1934. The Model B tractor followed soon after and would be succeeded by a long line of machines that would help contribute to the amazing legacy that started over a century ago.

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